As to the vehicle of photography, it’s apt for this endeavor, considering how the medium has buoyed many family ties, and images in the pair’s project seem to push up against that. It’s as though Murff and Young have turned inward, using photography as a means to catalogue their losses, rather than to embalm what they had (as most family photographs do).   -Mike Adno



For issue No.12 of Aint–Bad Magazine we teamed up with a selection of the best curators, photography critics, and educators to create an issue that requires collaboration across all platforms and fields. The goal of issue No.12 is to put the best contemporary photography directly in front of eyes of the curators. While there is not a specific “theme” for this issue, We worked with Curator’s whose aesthetic and vision are in line with the work that we have shown in past publications, both online and in print. Each curator has selected two photographers from the call for entry to feature and interview inside of this issue.

Fifteen curators. Thirty-one photographers. This issue is pure collaboration. The final result is a beautiful, hand-curated publication of the best contemporary photography in existence today. Keep your eyes out for exhibitions related to this publication that will be shown in various spaces across the country with the help of our talented curators!


Participating Curators: Aaron Levi Garvey, Jeff Hamada, Ashlyn Davis, Ann Jastrab, Daniel Fuller, Andy Adams, Jeff Rich, Jon Feinstein, Lisa McCarty, Darren Ching, Aline Smithson, Stephen Frailey, Richard McCabe, Elizabeth Renstrom, Dina Mitrani.

Featured Photographers : Courtney Asztalos, Clarissa Bonet, Enda Bowe, Sage Brown, Aaron Canipe, Yukari Chikura, Peter Happel Christian, Christian Delfino, Anna Ehrenstein, Matt Eich, Ian Addison Hall, Priya Kambli, Molly Lamb, Shane Lavalette, Pablo Lerma, Devin Lunsford, Paula McCartney, Noelle Mccleaf, Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay, Zora J. Murff & Rana Young, Peggy Levison Nolan, Ange Ong, Astrid Reischwitz, Shane Rocheleau, Elina Ruka, Alice Schoolcraft, Judith Stenneken, Christina Velasquez, André Viking, Zhiyuan Yang.

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An interview with Max Ferguson for the British Journal of Photography.