The Strange Fire artist collective is a group of interdisciplinary artists, curators, and writers focused on work that engages with current social and political forces. We seek to create a venue for work that critically questions the dominant social hierarchy and are dedicated to highlighting work made by women, people of color, and queer and trans artists. 

Our collective practice is centered around increasing the visibility of meaningful work and creating dialogue and community through publications, exhibitions, and events. We are committed to making our projects accessible, affordable, and socially relevant. 

Strange Fire was formed in 2015 by Jess T. Dugan, Rafael Soldi, Zora J. Murff, and Hamidah Glasgow. 


Q&A: Myra Greene — June 2019
Q&A: Cristina Velásquez — April 2019
Q&A: Lava Thomas — March 2019
Q&A: Jasmine Clarke — February 2019
Q&A: Widline Cadet — January 2019