Student Work – Image List

1-10. Beginning Digital Photography: Archival inkjet prints, 8.5x11”, 2016.

These works are examples of photographs made in an introductory photography course for art majors and non-majors. 

1-3. Camera Control Assignment: In this assignment, students to explore how shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings effect imagery. Students are tasked with making visually engaging images while familiarizing themselves with making proper exposures.

4-6. Self-Portraiture Assignment: In this assignment, I ask students to think about how the photograph can create meaning through camera position, lighting, and color. Relying on themselves as subject and maker, students have to be calculated in their approach and learn technical skills of using a tripod and self-timer.

7-10. Final Project, Open Theme: This assignment, which has little restrictions, serves as a cumulative examination of all of the skills students have learned throughout the semester. Students are required to turn in a brief statement of intent for their assignments, and work directly with me and their peers to develop a final portfolio of images.

11-20. Beginning Wet Darkroom Photography: Silver gelatin prints, 8x10”, 2016-2017. 

These works are examples of photographs made in an introductory darkroom photography course for art majors.

11-13. Photograms: In this assignment, students are introduced to printing with darkroom paper and photographic chemistry. An emphasis is placed on composition and revisiting basic design principles (e.g., line, size, shape, proximity, value, and harmony). 

14-16. Outdoor Abstraction: This assignment introduces students to making images using their SLR cameras and photographic film, but they are still tasked with thinking about photography abstractly. Students are asked to look at natural and architectural forms and shift their meanings through making them unrecognizable. Students also learn how to process and print their film.

17-18. Visualizing Lyrics: In this assignment, students explore images as language. Students pick a poem or song lyrics as a source of inspiration for a small series of images. We also discuss continuity when presenting images together and students learn to print diptychs. 

19-20. Final Portfolio Assignment: This assignment serves as a culmination of skills students have learned throughout the semester, and students construct a final portfolio. During individual meetings with me, students discuss their interests in photography. Their final portfolio is comprised of images made, but not printed, for critiques as well as new photographs.